Monday, January 2, 2012


Evening Bootcamp, January 9 - February 1: Monday/Wednesday 6:15-7:15 PM
Morning Bootcamp, January 10 - February 2: Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6:15 AM
This Bootcamp is a 4 week, 8 session, fitness program designed to get you toned, trim and healthier, fast. It combines cardiovascular intervals to burn fat and circuit style weight lifting exercises to build muscle. There are individuals of all fitness levels in the class.
Cost is $35.00 or $27.00 if you are a member at Bishop Park. You MUST pre-register since spots are limited. You can sign up at the front desk at Bishop Park or sign up online at:  Bishop Park Online Registration  

Beginner Bootcamp, January 9 - February 1, Monday/Wednesday 7:45-8:45 PM

This class is a 4 week, 8 session fitness program to get you toned, trim and healthier. It is designed to give a fitness foundation to the individual who has not worked out in a long time or has a significant amount of weight to lose. The class is 60 minutes long and combines basic, low impact cardio exercises to burn fat and strength training to build and tone muslces. The last 10 minutes of the class focuses on abs and stretching. Expect to burn at least 500 calories per class! Compared to the regular bootcamp, this beginner bootcamp is much smaller group, will have very little running and will offer nutritional and diet planning help.
Beginner Bootcamp will take place in the upstairs aerobics room at Bishop Park. There are ONLY 18 spots! The cost is $42.00 or $34.00 if you are a member. You can sign up now at the front desk at Bishop Park or online at: Bishop Park Online Registration

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