Meet Marietta

Hi! I'm Marietta. I started this little fitness business three years ago in Benton, Arkansas with 10 people I did not know. 

I stayed with those that would have me. They stayed with me. They had friends, family, co workers that they would invite to come work out and get healthy. Some would stay, most would not. That's life though. I've learned that people like change, newness. They think that if they just try some other program or diet it will be easier. It's not. Diet + Exercise = Losing Weight. It's really that simple. It is HARD work being disciplined in multiple areas of your life. Eating and exercising are just side bars when it comes to God, relationships, family, love, work, money...

Since those three years have passed I have done my best to be faithful. Faithful in the most important areas (God and family) and then faithful to myself as I love to workout and force myself to learn to love eat healthy. I seem to have found other faithful friends along the way. 

Those three years have included one pregnancy that resulted in a perfect little boy. The start up of an official small business that helps to pay my bills. A body that I am not embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit. And now another pregnancy. Except this time they tell me there are two identical baby girls inside my belly. I am so blessed. 

Follow along with me as I blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube... and whatever else come along. Some days I'm on top of it, some days you can find me going through the local donut drive through hoping no one sees me. 

Thanks for stopping by, 


May 2010, starting out on my little journey:

Baby #1... 40 weeks baked and on my way to workout! February 2012

After baby #1: one week, 8 weeks, 4 months. Ugh that was hard work! Summer 2012

My precious, precious family. November 2012. 

January 2013. Fit as I can be. 

May 2013. Babies #2 & #3

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