Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bootcamp vs Bootcamp

There are so many options now days when it comes to fitness. It seems that every gym is advertising a class that they call "bootcamp". I am going to address why you should choose one bootcamp over another. Your fitness goals should determine the type of bootcamp you choose. As a general rule, most people fall into one of two goal categories: 

Goal #1: Weight Loss & Toning
You are looking for a bootcamp that incorporates  a lot of cardio intervals (get your heart rate sky high and then bring it back down again) and high repetition of low weights. An example would be P90X or Intensity DVD workouts, they are aimed at weight loss and toning. 

Goal #2: Bulk Up & Muscle Building
You are looking for a bootcamp that incorporates power moves (block jumps, tractor tire drags, sledgehammer swings, etc.) and low repetition of heavy weights. Crossfit and sports agility training would be an example of this type of workout.

ALL of my workouts are aimed at goal #1 of weight loss & toning. We do interval training for the entire hour and an average person 140lbs burns 800-1,000 calories in one hour! 

Be sure to call the instructor before you sign up for a bootcamp and ask him or her to describe in detail the exercises that you would be doing. If you have fat that you need to lose you could be hurting yourself more than helping if you choose a bootcamp where the goal is to bulk up. You need to lose the fat first, then focus on muscle building. 

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