Friday, August 17, 2012

September 2012 Bootcamp Info

September Bootcamps

There are some changes to bootcamp starting in September! Please read the below information carefully. 
  • Child care is now available at Bishop Park for the M/W 6:15 bootcamp, it is $5 per child each time. You pay and sign your child in at the front desk at Bishop Park at 6 and they will be taking them over to the Boys & Girls Club to play & watch movies.
  • There is now a Tuesday/Thursday bootcamp from 6:15-7:15pm at Holland Chapel in Benton. 
  • If you want to add one workout a week you have the option of doing one of the Tuesday/Thursday night classes. Half a month or 4 classes is $20.
  • You can NOT substitute one of the Tuesday/Thursday classes for a missed any missed Bishop Park class. Please do not ask me to do so. 
  • I am doing the Tuesday/Thursday as a trial run. If I can get a good group then I will continue it. 

Bishop Park - Bryant

You can sign up starting August 27th at Bishop Park or at the Bishop Park Online Registration. Please note the dates for the September session - the bootcamps are longer than normal, hence the higher price. 

September 12 - October 10 (4.5 weeks, 9 sessions)
Beginner BC $46 or $36 for members
5:15-6:05 pm & 7:30-8:20pm
Bootcamp $39 or $31 for members

September 11 - October 11 (5 weeks, 10 sessions)
Bootcamp $43 or $35 for members 

Holland Chapel - Benton

You can pay Marietta directly with cash or check. You can also pay via Paypal to or click the Paypal icon in top right corner of this website.

September 11 - Oct 4 (4 weeks, 8 sessions)
$35 for 8 sessions
$20 for 4 sessions

Those of you not familiar with Holland Chapel, it is off Exit 116 and sits on the access road. It is right next to the fairgrounds and the airport. We will have bootcamp in the Family Life Center which is a big gym. I have equipment, music, etc. so the workouts will still be awesome!

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