Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Discouraged and at a Plateau

Every month I have about five clients come to me with concerns that they are not losing weight. The first thing I ask is if they have been tracking their calories. They usually say yes. So I ask them to send me their food log and we can discuss where the problems are. (there are ALWAYS problems)

So ONE out of five will actually send me their food log. This tells me that those other people are pretty much just lazy and did not do the "homework" of keeping up with their food journal. (have you downloaded a food journal app? It might be the easiest thing to track EVER). Basically there is no excuse for not keeping up with your calories.

Today I had a client email me an entire month's food journal. Needless to say I was so impressed with her dedication.

She fell into an all too common category of not eating enough calories and eating the wrong kind of calories.

This brings me to the reason I started writing today: my long winded response. I wish I could say this to each of you and let you know that the journey is not about being perfect, but about being happy. Much of that is requires a spiritual, emotional and mental change which I guess is why I went off on a "be happy" tangent at the end!

Here was my response:


You are eating the wrong things for breakfast. Cereal is empty calories and there is so much sugar in cereal and milk - even fat free milk. Change your breakfast up. Eat PROTEIN!!!! Eggs, turkey bacon, protein pancakes, oatmeal with protein powder. EAT at LEAST 350 calories for breakfast. This does not include your coffee creamer.

Also, most of your snacks are carb based, besides your almonds. Change this. Carry protein bars, string cheese, half a turkey sandwich, anything that is protein based.

And lastly, you need to eat between 1,200 and 1,500 a day. I think your starving yourself (unintentionally, of course). You are averaging 1,000-1,100 calories per day and its just not enough for your lifestyle. Bootcamp and working out is hard and you've fuel your body! basically your body is not getting rid of any fat because it is holding onto everything you are eating because it's in starvation mode.

Just aim to get most of your calories from protein. Quit eating like a bird: cereal, soup, rice cakes. Start eating like an athlete: chicken, veggies, fish, veggies, chicken, chicken, and more chicken.

What are you trying to lose? I wouldn't think you are far from your goal. Are you obsessing over the scale? Are you clothes getting baggier? Remember we are creating muscles and those take up SO MUCH LESS SPACE in your body.

My goal for you is to be a healthy size and strong! I could care less what the scale says - get to the point where you look at yourself in the mirror and are happy with yourself. Compare yourself to YOU. Not a friend or a magazine image.

Also, don't expect your body to look like it did 20 years ago. I'm assuming you've had babies, that changes the shape of your body SO much. And you should be proud of that! What a privilege we have to give life and still be here to enjoy them! I've got a stretch mark on my hip and when I see it reminds me of my baby and what a huge blessing he is in my life, not something I wish wasn't there.

I hope this helps. I think you're doing great and working so hard. One of the main reasons to exercise is not to lose weight but to get healthy. Exercise is priceless to your heart and prevents chronic disease. You are giving yourself a stronger, longer future with your loved ones every time you workout!


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  1. this is my favorite post thus far. so blessed to know you.