Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Focus On: Interval Training Workouts

I've gotten several emails this week from people that live out of state asking me how they can complete an interval workout. I was kind of shocked that a) people are actually reading this and that b) they actually took the time to send me a message. So thank you!

What is interval training? It's a workout with high bursts of cardio followed by low intensity strength training. Basically during cardio your heart rate is at an 9 or 10, and you "recover" while doing push ups, squats, etc. Then repeat!

Interval training is the BEST use of your time. It will actually be just as beneficial for you to do 15 minutes of interval training as it would to go for a LONG run AND visit the weight room. What?!?! Yes. It's true. Read this article if you're interested in the study that scientists at McMaster University did to prove this.  I LOVE when scientists do research to back up what I've been saying for years! 

Ok, so onto an example of an interval workout. 

Do each exercise for TWO minutes, rest for 20 seconds in between each exercise. I would repeat this workout again, immediately. 
When someone starts my class for the first time, I give them a handout with so much information. I wonder sometimes if they actually read it... I hope they do. I cover intervals and WHY we do them. 
  • Interval training increases the after-burn effect. This means that post workout your body is burning calories just attempting to recover!
  • Even though interval workouts can be shorter than your long run or bike rides, it will actually increase your endurance (MANY runners have told me they've cut 10-15 minutes off their half marathon time!).
  • It targets belly fat. Fast paced workouts help your body release fat-burning hormones. These hormones target the belly fat specifically. This is not only good for your appearance at the pool, but for your heart as well!
I am always SO interested in the "why" behind workouts. Mostly because it is much easier to go "walking" or 


  1. THANK YOU!!!! :)

    I will be using this one in my own workouts and with a group of ladies this summer. I'm hoping the Moms who are waiting at the football practice field while their sons workout will use that time to work out with me.

    1. That is SUCH a great idea! I know parents spend a LOT of time just waiting... so why not workout?!

  2. I just recently found your blog and I am loving it! Really trying to get fit by changing my diet and bad habits and I am loving all your ideas. Thanks!