Monday, January 14, 2013

Tracking Weight Loss

I can't believe I'm sharing this! If you don't know me then you'll
probably think that 150 pounds is not something to be proud of. Have you heard that muscle weighs more than fat? My size 4 jeans confirm this fact.

A pound of muscle is like a rock
the size of your fist. A pound of fat is the size of cotton candy at the fair. The consistency of the two is not that far off either. Anyway, go build some muscle and get little!

I started this list when I was cleared by my doctor to workout. This is about six weeks after my c-section.

Start a log with 3 columns. The starting date, weight and pounds GONE (because you're never going to see them again!).

Please note how long it took me to get to today. This is normal. This is good. This means it is real weight. Those first 6+ pounds you lose it week one of dieting are mostly water weight and I'm not impressed with that. I'm impressed with a slow 1 or 2 pounds a week.

Stay on your journey. It WILL take a while, but you can and WILL
get there!

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