Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Menu Monday: Breakfast Sandwich

My go to post-workout (morning) meal is an egg-white breakfast sandwich. You should always eat lean protein after bootcamp or any hard workout. So here is a yummy and QUICK solution that is packed with protein and whole grains, so it will fill you up! Also, you can make this sandwich, wrap it in tin foil and eat it on your way to work. This way you won't drive thru McDonald's or Chick-fil-a... right?!?! :)

My sandwich always has:
Two pieces of bread, toasted
Egg whites
1 piece of cheese
Tony Chachere's seasoning
Lite Mayo

Sometimes I add whatever else I might have on hand... tomato, onion, spinach, turkey bacon, sandwich meat - ham or turkey, etc.

Easiest way to make this sandwich pour 1/2 cup of egg whites into a cereal size bowl, add a shake or two of Tony Chachere's and microwave until done. Take the egg white mixture and put onto toast in one piece. Add mayo and cheese (my favorite is a sharp provolone).

I always use either Ezekiel Bread (available at Kroger in the organic freezer section) or Sara Lee 100% whole wheat bread with no high fructose corn syrup... it's crazy that you have to check your bread for this horrible stuff!

I almost always use these egg whites because they are so quick and easy.

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