Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday's Food 2/26/2012

I've screen printed my calorie logs so that you can see how I inputted all my food. I might have forgotten to take pictures at breakfast and dinner so I found internet images identical to what I ate. First day mistake!

Breakfast was a 1/2 cup dry (cooked on the stove) of plain oatmeal with one Sweet-n-Low mixed in and an EAS protein drink. Total 260 calories. I usually like to get at least 300 calories for breakfast, but this works since I got a lot of protein from the EAS drink.

Lunch was a salmon filet, medium sweet potato and a handful of baby carrots. There is a lot of orange on this plate! I buy the frozen Atlantic salmon at Wal-Mart. I simply put a little Cavendar's seasoning and bake at 375 for 10 minutes. I had baked the sweet potato the night before. I put one packet of Sweet-n-Low on the potato. And that large sonic drink is water! Not the cherry vanilla diet coke I wanted to order. :)

For a mid afternoon snack I had a small bowl of Kashi Heart cereal. This is really the only Kashi cereal that I like.

Dinner was a small caesar salad, a 6 oz filet mignon (no bacon) and half of a twice baked potato. This meal is a perfect example of eating what I wanted (or in this case what all the boys at my house wanted for dinner) and using portion control. Remember one portion of any food is the size of a deck of cards.

Shad had two of his uncles over for dinner.

Of course they are already teasing him.


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